Over the weekend a tipster sent us a YouTube video that shows one way a would-be hacker could possibly skirt the passcode on an otherwise seemingly secure iOS 9 device. As you’ll see in the video, it’s pretty easy to execute, and could be dangerous to the security of folks who leave their phones behind in places like a cab, a restaurant or somewhere else where a stranger might be able to pick it up.

Note how after several passcode fails, the user taps Siri right at the same time as the final entry, allowing him to gain access to other applications, like the clock. From the clock, however, the user has the option to share via SMS, gaining entry right into the phone’s text messaging system and into detailed information about contacts. It’s also possible to view photos and more.

This sort of flaw is only open if someone has access to your iPhone, so it’s not a remote flaw you need to worry about. Still — Apple should probably fix this seemingly easy way to bypass the passcode screen.

Thanks Jose!