Uber is teaming up with AT&T to bring an interesting new perk to some of its cars. The next ride you hail may just offer a live stream of college football.

For now the new promotion is limited to just ten Chevrolet Tahoes in four cities for four days. Specifically, the connected cars will roam the streets on Saturdays in October and November. Each vehicle will be equipped with mounted tablets for watching the game, along with wireless headphones and phone chargers.

AT&T is providing the stream through its U-verse TV app and powering the stream with its LTE network. The carrier is already working with nine different automakers to bring its service to future vehicles. Turning your car into a hotspot has plenty of obvious advantages, and the possibility of watching live sports and other TV is probably pretty high on that list for most people.

It’s unclear if Uber plans to expand this service beyond the initial ten cars and four cities. The company doesn’t actually own the cars that make up its fleet, so it can’t really control what kind of perks each driver offers. For now this feels more like a gimmick than anything else, though maybe Uber will prove us wrong.