This year’s Call of Duty is ultra-serious. Not that previous ones hadn’t been, but the return to World War II demands a bit more respect than jetpacks and spaceships. There was some concern then, among all the focus on realism and respect, that there wouldn’t be any room for the poor, unfortunate undead.

Well, don’t worry.

If it sounds like Wolfenstein

This cooperative mode is said to be a “brand new story and a horrifying experience,” shifting away from the goofy corniness of recent zombie modes. The Third Reich is losing the war and scrambling to make a new army. And as any dictator bent on world domination does when science allows, Hitler makes zombies.

Wolfenstein: The New Order did such a good job with its alternate take on the end of World War II that I’m not sure we really need another, but cooperative gameplay is rarely an unwelcome addition to a game like this, and wer’e looking forward to checking it out.