Just in time for your Black Friday shopping spree, Apple and Beats have a new commercial promoting the Solo2 and Solo2 Wireless. It’s a pretty high-energy video that quickly flips between more than a dozen celebrities as they snap selfies while wearing the high-end headphones.

Who’s in the add? We recognize a handful of stars, including Kendall and Kylie Jenner, who start things off by shooting a few selfies with an iPhone 6 Plus. There’s also Nicki Minaj, Kenan Thompson and a bunch more. Everyone’s wearing Solo2 headphones. and most have the newer wireless model.

We already had a chance to try out the Solo2 Wireless headphones for ourselves, and they’re pretty nice. If you’re already a fan of Beats these will do the trick, and the option to go wire-free is a huge bonus. They’re definitely not cheap though, coming in at $299.95, but if that price doesn’t turn you off, you should be able to track down a pair at the Apple Store or a handful of other retailers.