There’s a pretty major security vulnerability that affects machines running macOS High Sierra. According to developer Lemi Orhan Ergin, if someone has physical access to your Mac, they can easily gain administrative access without the need of a password.

It’s pretty astonishing just how easy it is to bypass Apple’s security, which Gizmododetails in its post. If you want to know how this process works, head over to the source link. 9to5Mac has a few suggestions for protecting yourself against the newly discovered vulnerability.

According to 9to5Mac, anyone who hasn’t disabled guest user account access or changed their root password is open to the attack. Apple has reportedly been contacted about the vulnerability, but there’s no word on when/if a fix is incoming.

With your Mac open to attack, it’s easy for someone to view files, change passwords, and more. Basically, you wouldn’t want your machine falling into the wrongs hands with this vulnerability out in the open.

In order for your Mac to be vulnerable to attack, you’d need to be logged in and that person would need to physically be in possession of your device. But if that criteria is met, the consequences could be pretty bad. Head over to 9to5Mac to see how best to protect yourself.