Epic Games is porting its wildly popular battle royale hit Fortnite over to Android this summer. The game, which was first available on PC before soon making it over to Xbox, PS4 and iOS, has become a sensation, breaking all kinds of records and earning a distinct place in pop culture. It is available in just about every format except Android for some reason, but that’s about to change soon.

In a blogpost, Epic Games announced a summer release date for the Android port, along with some other news about mobile gameplay. Among the tweaks the team has been working on is the customizable HUD (heads-up display), voice chat and refined gameplay controls and performance.

Fortnite has become the go-to battle royale game, supplanting PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds even though it was released earlier. That was largely due to Fortnite being available in multiple formats whilst PUBG was stuck to PC for a while, only expanding to Xbox and later mobile to combat Fortnite’s rising popularity.

Although PUBG already beat Fortnite to Android, the latter is about to make it there as well and if rumors are to be believed, it won’t be too long before it arrives on the Nintendo Switch, becoming available in every format possible.