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The Google app for iOS got a hefty update on Thursday with—yep, you guessed it—a fresh coat of Material Design. Google’s terrific new design approach looks pretty slick running on an iOS device—you get those nice, bright colors, the rolodex multi-tasking view, and some great animations. Despite being banished from iOS long ago, Google’s standalone apps have always looked amazing on Apple’s platform, and today’s update is no different.

But it’s not just about how the Google app looks; it also performs a little differently, too. With the update, you can easily search Google Maps from right within the app, and there’s now a new “recents” button that makes organizing your searches even easier. Additionally, there’s a new Google button at the bottom of the app now that essentially acts like a “home” button. It’s like Google has managed to include a miniature version of Android inside iOS.

This is all in addition to the Google Now cards that are already within the app itself. If you’ve been in search for a slice of Android, but still want the goodies iOS 8 has to offer, this is a pretty nice way to get acclimated to Google’s platform. Material Design, as expected, looks great, and the new functionality makes the app even more powerful. The update can be downloaded now through the iOS App Store.