Last time we checked, iOS 8 adoption had just passed the 50 percent mark. Now, a little over a month later, Apple’s new mobile operating system is still chugging along.

iOS 8 is now running on 63 percent of Apple’s mobile devices, according to the latest numbers released by the Cupertino company. Meanwhile, iOS 7′s share of the pie has dropped to 33 percent—down from 43 percent in late Oct. Finally, just four percent of iOS products are still using an even earlier version of iOS.

It’s unclear why iOS 8 got off to a slower start than iOS 7, though its general bugginess may have turned some people off. Since then, Apple’s released a few smaller updates designed to fix those issues, most recently pushing out iOS 8.1.2. At this point we’re guessing most people who can update to iOS 8 have already done so, though adoption should continue to grow as more consumers trade-in old devices for new ones.


Source- Apple