Wondering where Apple’s “12 Days of Christmas” app is this year? So are millions of other iOS users — but after six years, the Cupertino company is reportedly dropping the promotion for reasons currently unknown.

Apple has been running the “12 Days of Christmas” promotion in the U.K. since 2008, and U.S. users experienced it for the first time last year under the name “12 Days of Gifts.” The company traditionally provides a special app that would provide access to a free iOS app or game, music track or video, book, or movie every day for 12 days, beginning December 26.

Those familiar with the giveaway have been awaiting this year’s “12 Days of Christmas” app for weeks, but today Macworld confirmed our fears that the promotion has been canceled. The report does not give a reason, but it does suggest that an increase in free apps and games that use ads and in-app purchases to make money could be partly to blame.

Macworld also points to the whole debacle surrounding Apple’s U2 album giveaway back in September. “Apple recently encountered a lot of criticism for giving away U2’s latest album,” the report notes. “No doubt someone at Apple though that this would indicate that giving away music wasn’t appreciated.”

Whatever the case may be, users will have to look elsewhere for free content to fill up their new iOS devices this holiday season. That shouldn’t be too difficult, however; the App Store’s free chart is filled with great apps and games that’ll keep you entertained, and we’ll surely see yet more New Year discounts over the coming weeks.