E Ink is used in everything from fitness bands to eReaders and phones, but the company behind the brand, E Ink Holdings, promises something even bigger is coming down the line. The firm announced on Monday that it will introduce a “groundbreaking new initiative” during the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show (CES), which kicks off next early next week in Las Vegas.

Today’s announcement wasn’t full of many details, but the firm said that it will “unveil a first-of-its-kind concept that will revolutionize the way we experience public spaces.” That suggests that, perhaps, the company will announce much larger E Ink displays, the sort that might make their way into billboards and other advertisements that we see in public spaces, such as airports, lobbies and more. Typically, at least from a consumer standpoint, we usually see E Ink deployed in smaller electronics, but E Ink holdings does already provide digital signage options, so we’re not sure what to expect.

TechnoBuffalo will be at CES, and we hope to see exactly what E Ink Holdings is talking about there. Maybe there will even be something on display in the public spaces, such as the show floors all around Las Vegas. We’ll find out.