SwiftKey is one of the most popular third-party keyboards on the market, giving the company a pretty good sense of what we’re all talking about at any given time. That doesn’t mean SwiftKey is spying on your personal conversations, but by crunching all that data together it can get a pretty good idea of what topics dominated in 2014.

Today, the company released a list of the most popular phases we typed in 2014. The information comes from SwiftKey Cloud on Android, which you can access on your own device. Even better, everything’s been broken down by month to tell the full story of what happened this year and how we talked about it.

For example, the most popular topic in January was the Syria peace talks, while February was dominated by the Winter Olympics and the second season of House of Cards release on Netflix. It’s no surprise that March was all about the missing Malaysia Airlines flight, though in April everyone was apparently talking about Game of Thrones along with the How I Met Your Mother series finale.

Skipping ahead, August was all about the ice bucket challenge. In September, the most popular topics were the iPhone 6 and Apple Watch, which is pretty interesting since this data apparently comes from SwiftKey’s Android users.

Hit the source link below to check out SwiftKey’s full rundown of 2014. You can also head to Google Play or Apple’s App Store to grab SwiftKey for yourself if you haven’t already.