Back in October, when Tesla unveiled the dual-motor Model S, Elon Musk joked that future cars would come with a robotic charger that plugs in automatically when you get home. At least we though he was joking, until Musk revealed on Twitter this morning that the futuristic charger may soon become a reality.

We love the idea of a charger that plugs in for you. After all, the new Model S can already park itself, so why should you have to bend over and plug it in? Backwards compatibility is also a nice touch, and another example of Tesla’s devotion to its customers.

There’s no word on when this new charger will actually launch, and it could be a while considering what Musk has planned. Once it is available, we’re assuming you’ll have to pay extra to have a robotic plug installed, though if you’re already coughing up that much for a new car what’s a little extra for an awesome robotic accessory.