If you’ve opened up the App Store or iTunes apps on your iOS devices this morning, you may have noticed that apps and other digital content now costs more than it did yesterday. That’s because Apple has increased its prices in Canada and a number of European countries.

Apple has made the adjustments to account for local value-added tax (VAT) changes and to coincide with the latest exchange rates. In addition to Canada, all countries in the European Union will see price changes today, but a couple will dodge inflation.

In Iceland, prices will actually decrease, Apple told developers in an email earlier this week. The Cupertino company is also making unspecified amendments to its price structure in Russia once again to compensate for the fluctuating value of the ruble against the dollar.

The prices haven’t increased by much — in the U.K., everything now costs 10p more — so the changes weren’t quite as bad as some were anticipating. Nevertheless, you’ll notice them if you buy a lot of content from the App Store and iTunes.