The recent college championship game between Oregon and Ohio was held in AT&T Stadium in Dallas where, of course, AT&T has been building out its network to cater to the millions of fans that come through it each year. It would be quite an embarrassment if AT&T stadium had poor service, right?

In preparation for the game and to better outfit the stadium, AT&T began upgrading the stadium’s Wi-Fi and distributed antenna system (DAS) networks. It also ran a full-scale test of its new LTE Broadcast technology, which is capable of delivering multimedia content to masses of people, like the fans in a stadium, more efficiently than a standard LTE network. All of that work paid off.

AT&T said recently that data traffic was up 107 percent during the college championship versus a regular season Cowboys game and up more than 125 percent from the Super Bowl last year at MetLife Stadium. AT&T said that 6.34 terabytes of AT&T data was consumed by the stadium, with the split coming in at about 1.41 terabytes of data on AT&T’s mobile network and another 4.93 terabytes on the Wi-Fi network.

The work isn’t finished yet, and AT&T said it’s now getting prepared for the 2015 Super Bowl in Glendale, Arizona, which kicks off on Feb. 1.