Just how Un-carrier can T-Mobile get? The company has been doing everything it possibly can to shake up the mobile industry, and John Legere last December said we haven’t seen anything yet. So what was today’s big unveil about? New plans aimed at small businesses.

During its newest Un-carrier event in New York City on Wednesday, T-Mobile acknowledged the underserved small business market, with pricing that’s very easy (and very affordable) to understand. John Legere stressed just how simple the new plans are: the lowest possible price is 10 lines for $160. Every line has 1GB of data included, with unlimited talk and text. Also included? A free domain through GoDaddy and mobile optimized site, giving small businesses a voice to reach millions and millions of people.

If you want more lines, you’ll have to pay more (of course), but it’s simple; 100 will cost $1,500 ($15 per line), while 1,000 lines will be $15,000 (also $15 per line); anything beyond 1,000 lines, T-Mobile will charge $10 per line. As part of the GoDaddy offer, T-Mobile will also offer Office 365 email accessories, giving your business a more authentic and professional look. T-Mobile highlighted a snippet of data that said 90-percent of customers prefer to buy from businesses with branded email.

While 1GB of data is included, businesses will be able to upgrade to 2GB for $10 per line; businesses will be able to buy pools—not buckets—of data, at $4.75 a gig (100GB minimum), or $4.25 a gig (1TB minimum). So T-Mobile is essentially covering all its bases, giving businesses the option to add more data to one line, or all lines for employees to share.

Legere also said that family members will be offered discounts as part of the business plans. So if I was on a TechnoBuffalo plan, someone in my family could get a discount through the business.

This is all aimed at the little guys—something T-Mobile can identify with—those companies “that are driving this country.” 10 lines for $160 is a wonderfully affordable plan for small businesses trying to stay afloat, and with unlimited talk and text, and 1GB of data, employees should be able to stay connected no problem.