If you’re stuck on a boss in Bloodborne and don’t mind a bit of a cheating, it turns out there’s an easy way.

Just leave the game running for about 12 hours.

According to a post on Reddit, a memory leak issue, presumably – we haven’t gotten any confirmation from Sony or From Software as to the cause –  forces bosses into a reduced moveset. One boss, the Blood Starved Beast, stops jumping around performing combination attacks. Instead, it settles into just swiping out with its hands. Other bosses stop casting spells, healing, using acid attacks.

One boss has been called out as a particularly good example of the bug. One video on YouTube depicts a boss named Logarius simply waving his scythe around, while simply restarting the game suddenly causes him to start casting spells all over the place.

Since the first Souls game, players have argued back and forth about which bosses are tough and which are easy. Different play styles are better suited to some bosses than they are to others. This, though, seems to be something different. Other players have confirmed. One commenter reported watching a streamer fight a boss who used one move over and over. After restarting, the boss suddenly had a variety of new moves. The PlayStation 4′s most recent firmware update added in a suspend-resume function that allows players to pause games and put the system into rest mode and this, some players have found, also causes the issue to manifest.

Fans had noticed the difference a bit earlier, but it was chalked up to other causes. Some believed it was a matter of maintaining a connection to the game’s server, while others believed it was related to the amount of Insight the players possessed; Insight is an item players can use to initiate multiplayer sessions. Having too much of it, though, can cause new monsters to appear among other things.

If you’re doing marathon sessions with Bloodborne and want to make sure you’re getting the full experience, closing out of the game completely (using the Close Application function on the system) or restarting your PlayStation 4 completely should keep this from happening.