Tucked away somewhere in its expansive coding, Grand Theft Auto V’s single player campaign sports a unique super-car called the Duke O’Death. Normally the car allows for fun times while bumbling around Los Santos, but it is banned from the recently released online multiplayer modes simply because it is a game breaker. Some enthusiasts already found a bug which allows them to leak it into the mutiplayer game…

…and Rockstar was already prepped for this happening, obviously. When a player attempts to enter the Duke O’Death online, it lives up to its name by exploding the second they sit in the driver’s seat. The exploding car was added on the server end of the game, meaning it will be much harder to crack than if Rockstar had released a simple patch.

I’m all for finding exploits in games while playing single player portions because that’s just how single player games should work. You’re not offending anyone, so who cares? Sadly, these kinds of games are becoming rarer and rarer as gaming worlds lean more on connectivity. I think it’s fair game in regards to single player games that indirectly interact with others, but cheating against somebody directly in a multiplayer mode is where I draw the line on exploits.

Justice served through the servers. Don’t bring these cars online, because everyone else and now you are going to have a bad time.