If you game on your Xbox One on a daily or regular basis, you probably have the same minor complaint a lot of users have. The UI on the dashboard can be a little laggy.

For a “new gen” experience, the Xbox One’s dashboard should be fast, zippy and seamless. Instead, it seems that all the updates and constant changes have lead things to be a little slow and dodgy. Heck, I personally run into bugs on a semiweekly basis that force me to restart the system, though I’m probably an abnormal user with tons of game installs and constant play.

This UI slowness complaint isn’t just something nitpicky users are talking about. No, the heads of Xbox are aware and on it as well. Phil Spencer did his usual Twitter responding on Tuesday, and he talked specifically about the UI slowness with one fan. Here’s the tweet, and the tweet before it even indicates that DirectX 12 will be the new system behind the dashboard.

So, “speeding up the UI is high on [the Xbox team’s] list of improvements.” That’s fantastic news.

Microsoft has been great about updating the console’s firmware constantly while listening to consumer feedback. Here’s hoping that continues, and I’m really looking forward to a faster UI.