If you get a kick out of watching gadgets get smashed to bits, you’re going to love this video of a $10,000 Apple Watch Edition getting squished by 650 pounds of force from two neodymium magnets.

The video was put together by TechRax, a YouTuber who is famous for destroying perfectly good smartphones and other gadgets for our enjoyment. He’s already shown us how well the Apple Watch Sport withstands drops, but his latest Watch video will really make your eyes water.

Using two neodymium magnets that are powerful enough to cause serious injuries, TechRax creates a $10,000 Apple Watch sandwich with a side of sparks and shattered sapphire. Watch it all unfold in the five-minute video below.

Yes, this is a tremendous waste of a perfectly good Apple Watch Edition, and we don’t condone the destruction of good gadgets — no matter how much they cost. But I challenge you to try and take your eyes off the screen as those two magnets slowly closed in on each other. I certainly couldn’t.

This is something AppleCare almost certainly doesn’t cover.