Of all the criticisms one can level at the Xbox One, stagnation is a pretty tough one to justify. The system has, since shortly after launch and especially after Phil Spencer’s takeover, been constantly evolving with new features and the return of old features we enjoyed on the system’s predecessor, the Xbox 360.

And like the Xbox 360, Microsoft is looking to overhaul the way we use the system once again this fall when one of the monthly updates includes a whole new dashboard.

The new dash has been a long time coming. Microsoft wanted to focus on games at E3 this year and, as such, left out the nitty gritty stuff like this, but this is about when we expected to hear about it all the same.

The biggest aspect of the update is how much it downplays Kinect. While the basic tile-based layout is still pretty similar, menus are clearly meant to be operated by controllers. The update also looks to improve the speed of navigation.

We’re looking forward to seeing how the system changes when the update rolls out his fall.