YouTube already hosts tons of newsworthy videos shot by regular people who just happened to be in the right place at the right time. Now, Google is pushing these videos front and center with a new YouTube channel called Newswire.

YouTube Newswire promises to surface new videos as they come in, grouping verified content into stories. The project also marks a new partnership with Storyful, which bills itself as the first social news agency. The company focuses on tracking down and verifying eyewitness news posted to social media.

Additionally, Google announced two other efforts through YouTube, both focused on eyewitness news gathering. There’s the First Draft Coalition, a group focused on teaching journalists how to verify news found on social media. The coalition will get its own website this fall, packed with tools, case studies and guidelines.

YouTube also plans to produce its own videos focused on human rights issues through another project called Witness Media Lab. The videos will explore these stories through the perspective of the people who experienced them.

Clearly YouTube has big plans for Newswire and these other supporting endeavors. If everything goes as planned, the video streaming site could become even more useful for tracking down and watching eyewitness news.