Remember how over the holidays this last year you couldn’t get on Xbox Live and PlayStation Network? One of the guys responsible, Julius Kivimaki, was taken in for the crime and has now been found guilty on a number of counts.

That number is upwards of 50,000. 50,700 counts of cyber-crime, including counts of fraud, harassment, data breaches, and violation of company secrets.

The hefty sentence accompanying that is a two year suspended sentence and an order to assist in the “fight against cyber crime.” Kivimaki will not be going to prison.

This is likely, at least in part, because he’s not yet 18. This light punishment is despite the fact he’s somewhat of a veteran when it comes to this stuff. According to security expert Brian Krebs, Kivimaki was arrested in 2013 on suspicion of running a 60,000 computer botnet and was apparently found in possession of 3,000 stolen credit card numbers. That’s in addition to costing Microsoft and Sony potentially millions of dollars for the weeks-long outage.

If Kivimaki is indeed helping authorities, then the light sentence may be justified, but such a light sentence – hardly even a slap on the wrist – doesn’t send a very strong message to other members of Lizard Squad and any similar groups that might pop up.