Here’s a nice little tidbit of completely trivial information from the gaming industry. The original Xbox’s logo was green for one simple reason: the artist in charge of designing it didn’t have any other colored markers left.


Xbox Co-creator Seamus Blackley talked about this with IGN recently. When asked why the branding for the original Xbox was green, here’s exactly what he said.

“A guy called Horace Luke, when we had to have a logo for a meeting or something, he had one of those awesome sets of markers with the paint tips, and so everybody immediately stole all of them. The only color he had left was like the green nobody wanted, and so we made all this artist stuff with green and now it’s like still green. And I find that bizarre. I mean, can you imagine? It’s like Horace and the green marker and now, you know, on buses in foreign countries. What? That’s crazy!”

Right, so Horace (poor Horace) brings in these fancy markers that everyone around the office eyeballs for days and days. Then those coworkers start taking the markers, one by one. Horace gets called upon to make an Xbox logo, and all he has left is the color green.

Sure, they could have easily changed the color after those pitch meetings. It was the early 2000s, and neon puke green totally made sense.