Microsoft has gone and made all the rumors of a new console SKU for the Xbox One official. They’ve announced a 1TB version of the Xbox One complete with a brand new controller and matte finish. These will start shipping to retailers on June 16.

The new console will sell for $399, and, for a limited time, it will be bundled with Halo: The Master Chief Collection. Take note, it does not include a Kinect.

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What about this new controller? Well, it was leaked earlier, but this thing now sports a 3.5mm audio out jack for universal headphone support. This new controller will be the standard for the Xbox One moving forward, so once current stock of the 500GB model clears, the controllers will be included with all systems. The controller comes with a series of improvements aside form the jack. One of those improvements includes bumpers that can be pressed easily anywhere, one of my minor gripes about the current version.

Here’s the Xbox Wire.

With the updated controller, in addition to the volume and mute controls on gaming headsets, you’ll also have the option to adjust headset volume, mic monitoring, and voice and game audio balance through the Settings menu on your console.  We’ve also improved the quality of audio coming through the controller and increased the maximum audio volume on headsets used with this controller, based on fan feedback. All existing controller accessories will work with the updated controller, including the Stereo Headset Adapter for those who want the convenience of fingertip control for their audio. In addition to audio improvements, we’ve fine-tuned the bumpers for more consistent performance anywhere along the full surface of the bumper. And we’ve enabled wireless firmware updates on the updated controller which eliminates having to connect the controller via USB cable to receive updates.

All of that is great news.

What of the 500GB Xbox Ones? The current $349 price point has now become the official cost of the system. That cut was temporary until today.

We’ll have more on the new Xbox One and from Microsoft as the push to E3 continues.