Apple announced Apple Music on Monday during its annual WWDC developer conference. The service will launch on June 30 and will offer users a 3-month trial before users will be required to pay a $9.99 monthly subscription. It offers some compelling features, like human curated playlists and 24/7 Beats1 Radio, but why else should you consider it over services like Spotify, Rdio, Google Play Music and Xbox Music? Apple’s latest ads provide some context.

In the first ad, which we’ve embedded below, Apple’s Trent Reznor (better known from Nine Inch Nails), explains why Apple Music should be compelling. It’s a place, he argues, where artists of all sorts — big and small, famous and performing from their bedrooms — can share their talents with the world. Like Spotify, all of the music you want is right at your fingertips (though with a few exceptions, like albums from The Beatles.) A second ad, also included below, covers Beats1 Radio, which will serve as a 24/7 radio station inside of Apple Music. Three DJs will broadcast from three cities around the world, playing what each feels is the best music available.

Apple has a lot of stiff competition, and it’s going to have to try to attract folks away from competing services that already offer really compelling content and features. Think you’ll make the switch? Check out two new ads below.