The Xbox One’s dashboard is getting completely redone this year. Slated to arrive during the holiday season of 2015, the dashboard changes everything with what Microsoft’s Xbox team has dubbed “the New Xbox One Experience.”

So, what does “the New Xbox One Experience” promise? Well, chief among the roster of changes is faster performance. The dashboard will, supposedly, fly with this new design. It will also arrive with Cortana, the voice recognition software that will drive gaming and navigation on the console.

Everything you want, when you want it

Get faster access to your favorite games and content on Xbox One home, now with a more intelligent voice experience and expanded social engagement – all from your home screen.

  • Faster performance
  • Improved game experience
  • Vertical scrolling allows faster access to activities and content
  • Expanded social content and engagement
  • More intelligent voice experience with Cortana

All out-of-game functions like notifications, friend messages and party set-up are going to lie behind a single button press. Microsoft says that you won’t have to leave your game to get to these features anymore, which means none of that pesky pausing and menu switching slowed down by UI stuff.

Again, this update is coming during the holiday of this year. We’ll definitely have more on it as it comes. Stay tuned.