Comcast already offers 2Gbps fiber Internet in some parts of the country, but the cable giant is just getting started. The company announced plans this week to start testing a new Internet service with download speeds well beyond what it currently offers.

The super-fast broadband connection uses DOCSIS 3.1, which was unveiled back in 2012. It supports speeds of up to 10Gbps down and 1Gbps up according to an article written for LightReading at the time. The technology works by packing more information into the same space compared to the current DOCSIS 3.0 equipment.

Since 2012, companies like Comcast have been focused on bringing the cost down while ironing out the specifics. Trials for DOCSIS 3.1 are set to start later this year, though there’s no word on when you’ll actually be able to sign up for the service. We’re a little worried about how much it might cost though, especially after finding out the crazy high prices for Comcast’s Fiber Internet service.