Your friends and family don’t want to just read up on your political stances, see pictures of your adventures or partake in your multilevel marketing schemes: they also want you to publish all of the music you’re listening to. At least, that’s what Facebook thinks. The social network introduced a new way to overload your friends and family with information on Thursday. It’s called Facebook Music Stories.

Now, if you share a song or album from Apple Music or Spotify, Facebook will automatically create a new “Music Story” that runs right on your newsfeed. Music Stories allow your friends and family to listen to 30 seconds of the song you’ve posted, providing a new way for them to discover music. If they like the song, they’ll also have the option to buy or save it from Apple Music or Spotify. Just finish running in a marathon? Why not publish the Rocky Theme right to your newsfeed?

The feature should start rolling out today, and Facebook says it will work to expand the number of supported music sources in the future.