Luma wants to make Wi-Fi easy through clever new system

Luma wants to make Wi-Fi easy through clever new system

Wi-Fi is hard and complicated. But Luma is here to fix it.

With a focus on speed, security, and safety, Luma provides users with an easy-to-understand solution that breaks down the complexity of a Wi-Fi network. Want to limit your kid to only 2 hours of Internet per day? Luma can do that? Want to see how many devices are connected to your network? Luma can do that as well.

These aren’t things that couldn’t be done already, but you no longer need a computer science degree to perform simple actions. And while Google is making strides to simplify Wi-Fi with its OnHub initiative, Luma’s solution is even easier. Just plug Luma in, download the app, and you’ll have full control over your connection—there’s even a pause button if you don’t want everyone in your family browsing social media during dinner.

Luma even allows users to specify safety features on a per device basis, allowing parents to keep kids away from inappropriate sites. Don’t want little Jimmy going on sites Luma deems as R-rated? Luma will let you do that. It keeps the Internet at bay, and protects younger kids from digging into the seedier sides of the world wide web.

The creators of Luma say the Wi-Fi system utilizes “multiple access points that coordinate to give complete coverage like what is used for large enterprise networks,” the company explained. You can add as many access points as you want, ensuring your home is covered in reliable Internet—that means no more dead zones. Luma will update itself, and auto-tune its signal in real time.

Additionally, Luma allows users to grant and revoke access to users with the press of a button. If a friend comes over and wants in on your Wi-Fi goodies, just tap a button in the Luma app and they’ll be good to go. See that someone is sneaking onto your network? Block them forever. Luma says it uses bank-level protection, and will alert users if any potential threats arise.

Luma is accepting orders beginning today, and will begin shipping in the U.S. in early 2016. A single Luma will retail for $199, or you can get a pack of three for $499. However, over the next 30 days, Luma will be offered at just $125 per device, or $299 for three.