Apple’s latest iOS 9 software has already been installed on 66 percent of compatible devices less than three months after it made its public debut, the Cupertino company’s latest adoption figures reveal. Meanwhile, only a quarter of modern devices are still running iOS 8.

To save you having to do the math yourself, that means two out of three iOS devices that are capable of running iOS 9 have already been updated — which is pretty impressive when you consider the first iOS 9 release wasn’t made public until September 16.


More than 50 percent of compatible devices were updated to iOS 9 after just one week of public availability, but uptake slowed somewhat after that, perhaps due to concerns about speed and reliability. It’s thought the recent iOS 9.1 update is responsible for a recent boost in upgrades.

The release not only improves performance and stability, but it also adds a whole host of new emoji characters, and makes enhancements to the new Live Photos on iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. Apple has already begun beta testing iOS 9.2, which makes improvements to Safari that enables extensions in third-party apps.

Just 25 percent of compatible devices are still running a form of iOS 8 as things stand, while only 9 percent are running an earlier version of iOS.