I’ve learned more about Attack on Titan from writing about this upcoming 3DS game than I have by actually watching the show or reading the manga. Here’s the latest I can surmise on this absurdity from the newest trailer.

Indeed, these Titans which attack the city are the creepiest things to ever emerge from Japan, and that is saying something. All shapes and sizes, children to adults, giant naked people who eat smaller humans are just plain weird. The facial features are also ridiculous for a good many of them as well, so thanks for the nightmares Japan.

The gameplay seems to involve whittling away at a Titan’s health slowly by nailing body parts which are not susceptible to damage. Each little bit drains its mobility, and when it can’t react fast enough, a well timed strike at the neck hits for massive damage. There is a little mini-QTE to make sure that this not an easy blow either.

I especially like the tactic of blowing out their ankles with bazookas to trip them up. Nice.

I’m still thinking of lots of questions for this ludicrous looking game. Why do people live beyond the walls if they can be killed easier, and why are horses necessary in a world where people can fly like acrobats? I guess it’s finally time to track down some episodes and take the plunge. I need to know exactly what is wrong with this picture because there seems to be nothing right.

Yet at the same time, it just looks like so much fun. Attack on Titan: The Last Wings of Mankind will be released soon in Japan for the Nintendo 3DS.