It’s the end of an era for Instagram. The Facebook-owned app announced on Thursday that it will allow you to share pictures and videos in landscape and portrait, instead of forcing every image into a perfect square.

Until now, pictures uploaded to Instagram had to fit into a square. It gave the app a unified and unique look, but it didn’t take long for people to rebel. Instagram notes that almost one in five photos shared to the app are already in portrait or landscape thanks to third party services designed to add white bars around your image.

Moving forward you’ll be able to shape your photos and videos however you want from inside Instagram. Just hit the format icon on the left and choose between portrait, landscape or square. The only place where the app will still enforce its old standards is on your profile page, where some photos will be cropped down to fit the grid view.

As an added bonus, the update will unify the filters available for photos and videos; previously Instagram offered a different set of options depending on what you shared. The intensity of filters will also be adjustable thanks to the update.

The new Instagram should be rolling out today for Android and iOS, so check your respective app store now to see if it’s already available.