A tiny bit of new footage for Star Wars: The Force Awakens made its surprising debut today on Instagram.

The official Star Wars instagram account debuted a 15 second spot on Thursday that features two new scenes – one of Rey with BB-8 in a forest, and one of Finn using Anakin/Luke’s lightsaber – and a brief amount of dialogue.

There’s been an awakening. Have you felt it?

While we can’t be certain, this sounds a lot like Andy Serkis who will be playing Supreme Leader Snoke, a character that was revealed this week to be someone in touch with the Dark Side of the Force.

This footage was released without any warning, and we’re not sure what the ultimate plan is for it. It could be that it will just stay on Instagram, or it could be repackaged for television. Only time will tell.

With Force Friday coming up on Sept. 4, promotion for this film is about to hit a fever pitch and is sure to carry on through to the film’s eventual release on Dec. 18.