T-Mobile CEO John Legere likes to tout that he’s one of the only remaining wireless networks that continues to sell a plan that advertises unlimited data. For most customers, the LTE speeds cut off at a certain point, and the rest of the unlimited data is tethered at slower speeds. Some users are finding way to skirt around that throttle, and Legere isn’t too pleased.

“This week, I am taking aim at a select group of individuals who have actually been stealing data from T-Mobile,” Legere said in a recent blog post. “If their activities are left unchecked their actions could eventually have a negative effect on the experience of honest T-Mobile customers. Not on my watch.”

Legere said about 1/100th of a percent of T-Mobile’s 59 million customers are abusing the system by “hacking,” or rooting their phones and downloading software that skirts the LTE data cap. The company said it is going after the first 3,000 offenders beginning Monday. If you’re busted going over the 7GB 4G LTE cap, you’ll first receive a warning. If you’re caught again, you’ll be put back onto T-Mobile’s entry-level Simple Choice plan where you’ll then need to choose the best option for your needs.

“I’m not sure what they are doing with it – stealing wireless access for their entire business, powering a small cloud service, providing broadband to a small city, mining for bitcoin — but I really don’t care,” Legere said. Some might argue they’re paying for unlimited service but, from Legere’s point of view, they’re abusing the system and stealing LTE bandwidth from paying customers.