Popular media streaming platform Plex is bringing an official app to the new Apple TV. The company has confirmed it is “anxiously awaiting” Apple’s new tvOS developer beta so that it can finally get started on its new client.

Plex is already hugely popular among Apple TV users — and those on Android, iOS, and other platforms, too — but the Apple TV experience is far from seamless right now. There is no Plex app for Apple TV, so users must jailbreak their device to get one, or stream content to the Apple TV via a Mac or iOS device.

But with tvOS and the new Apple TV, that’s going to change.

“We are very excited to have a crack at bringing our users Apple TV,” Plex co-founder Scott Olechowski told ITWorld. “It’s been a long requested platform and we’re excited to work on it. We want it, our users want it…and we’re anxiously awaiting the tvOS developer beta info, so we can finally dig in.”

With it being little more than a plan for now, there is no timeline for the release of the Plex app for tvOS — however, it’s going to be at least a few months before we see it. Don’t expect Plex to be available when the new Apple TV goes on sale in October, then.

“We are now evaluating the best path for Plex and will begin work in earnest once we have evaluated the options,” Olechowski added. “Of course we have started digging in and looking at it, but we have some bigger questions to answer before we can set any expectations.”

The new Apple TV starts at $149 for a 32GB model, or $199 for a 64GB model.