There’s been a lot of build up toward Hulu’s live TV service, which has been in the oven for several months, but it finally sounds like it’s on the verge of launching. Hulu CEO Mike Hopkins this week shared more details about what to expect, including a sub-$40 price when it’s finally made available.

“We’re going to try to keep our pricing pretty simple,” Hopkins said at an event in Las Vegas. “Under $40, that’s going to be the price.”

Hopkins didn’t specify what the final price will be but by giving a ballpark number he’s putting the recently launched DirecTV Now on blast. The AT&T-owned service is going to raise the price of one of its plans following a limited time introductory offer, something a lot of people are unhappy about.

The Hulu CEO also said the sub-$40 price will include Hulu’s existing $8 video on demand service, along with cloud DVR, the latter of which isn’t offered by DirecTV Now (yet).

Perhaps just as big as the service’s price, Hulu said it reached a deal with CBS for its live TV service. Again, that’s not something DirecTV Now offers. Are you starting to see a pattern?

It appears by taking a more measured approach to the market, Hulu is able to offer a compelling service right out of the gate, rather than one customers have to wait to be improved. (DirecTV Now is in talks to add CBS-owned content.)

It should launch soon

Hopkins didn’t reveal a launch date for the service but we should expect it to go live in the next few months. The CEO is apparently showing it off at CES, giving people a taste of how the service will look.

Should we see it with our own eyes we’ll be sure to report back. There are already several live TV services available, including Sling TV, PlayStation Vue, and DirecTV Now. But it sure sounds like consumers will have yet another compelling option to check out very soon.