Snapchat is pushing out a new update designed to pry a few dollars from its most passionate users. The company will charge 99 cents for the option to replay any Snap three extra times on top of the one replay you get for free, though this feature is currently limited to the U.S.

Until now Snapchat’s only made money from advertising, though it looks like the company is ready to try in-app purchases as well. It already offers its own payment feature called Snapcash, so some people may be used to spending money inside the app.

The way the app currently works you can replay a Snap that’s sent to you just once. Clearly the company thinks some people will be willing to pay a small amount to see certain videos or photos a few extra times. Of course, anything uploaded using the “My Story” feature can still be viewed as many times as you want until they expire after 24 hours.

The same update also includes a new feature that lets you add extra effects to your selfies. If you’re using the front-facing camera the app will be able to detect your face and put wacky animations on top.