Just days after releasing a trio of iPhone 6s ads starring Jamie Foxx and NBA star Stephen Curry, Apple is back with another, this time featuring Bill Hader of Saturday Night Live. The ad again focuses on hands-free “Hey Siri,” and it’s quite possibly the funniest iPhone ad yet.

While gorging on a burger as big as his head, Hader uses Hey Siri to check his latest emails, one of which will be all too familiar to most of us. It’s from a so-called “Price Oseph,” offering Hader “a once in a lifetime investment opportunity for the making of many millions of currency.”


Bill Hader starred in one of the very first iPhone 6s ads alongside Selena Gomez, in which he used Hey Siri to find out what tortellini looks like. He also starred in a funny opening bit for WWDC back in June with a whole bunch of Tim Cook lookalikes.