Apple is said to be testing at least five different iPhone 7 prototypes with features like USB-C connectivity, wireless charging, and dual rear-facing cameras. Sources say the company is even exploring new display technology with embedded fingerprint scanners.

Perhaps it’s not too surprising that Apple is currently testing a handful of prototypes; the company makes dozens of them in different variations before bringing its final model to the market. What is surprising is some of the technologies Apple is said to be using.

One of them is USB-C, the all-in one connector that Apple has already employed in its new MacBook. It’s similar to Lightning, only it’s not a proprietary Apple connector, which means it’s much more versatile, and will eventually take over existing USB standards — and many others.

Apple is also said to be testing new pressure-sensitive displays that can detect 3D Touch presses from multiple fingers — not just one — and a dual rear-facing camera setup that could deliver even better photos.

Finally, the company is thought to be testing one model with a display that has Touch ID fingerprint scanners embedded beneath it, negating the need for a dedicated scanner.

We should point out that some of these sound very farfetched. Apple may be exploring displays with embedded Touch ID sensors, but it’s highly unlikely they’ll be ready for iPhone 7, and it seems making 3D Touch compatible with multiple fingers so soon would lead to a confusing experience.

It also seems unlikely Apple would replace Lightning with USB-C already, though we could see it adding wireless charging, and I for one would certainly be pleased with that.

We should take these rumors with a pinch of salt for now, given that they come from unknown and untrusted sources in China. But if you could have one of these features in iPhone 7, which one would it be?