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Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai took the stage at Google I/O 2016 on Wednesday and quickly introduced a new product called “Google Assistant.”

In a brief demo from Pichai, Google Assistant appears to work a bit like Google Now does. You can stand in front of a structure, for example, and ask who designed it to get a quick answer. Or you can ask for a trailer for a movie, for example. In most respects, and it’s still very early during the Google I/O keynote so we aren’t certain just yet, Google Assistant sounds like a new name for the entire “OK Google” assistant.

“Users are already looking to Google to help them get things done, but we believe we are just getting started. We believe this is a long journey,” Pichai said. He said Google wants to learn more about context, so if you ask it “What’s playing tonight?” It should be able to recommend movies you like and continue asking you question – do you want to see kid-friendly movies? Do you want to buy tickets? And, if you require, it should let you buy those tickets through an engaging conversation with Google. That’s how it differs a bit from the regular “OK Google” we already know and love.

No word yet on how soon these features are going to hit all Android devices, but this sounds very, very compelling.