AT&T announced this week that, beginning on August 21, it’s increasing the monthly allowable data limit for consumers using its U-verse and GigaPower plans.

Customers who subscribe to U-verse with a plan with speeds up to 300Mbps will soon have a full 1-terabyte of data to chew through each month before they hit their data cap. That means most customers should see a benefit, since I presume a lot of folks aren’t paying for expensive plans with speeds greater than 300Mbps. Typically, customers who pay for 12Mbps – 75Mbps plans have a 500GB cap, AT&T explained in an email to TechnoBuffalo. Customers on GigaPower plans won’t have a cap at all.

While an increase in cap is great news, having no cap at all is better. Most households probably don’t approach 1TB of data, and it’s a good move on AT&T’s part as we start to rely more on data-hungry apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu and more.