Sling TV on Monday announced a Cloud DVR feature that will be available in beta to select Roku users. The invitation-only feature will offer up to 100 hours of cloud DVR storage, with no time limit on recordings.

The beta will officially launch in December and slowly roll out to additional platforms over the next few months. In order to receive an invite, you have to submit your Sling TV credentials to this link. Sling says that submitting your credentials does not guarantee access into the beta program.

With Sling TV’s Cloud DVR feature, users are free to record movies, episodes, and full series, and even record multiple programs simultaneously. However, DVR functionality will not be available on all channels, according to Sling, which didn’t specify what channels aren’t participating in the feature.

Sling says the experience will be super simple for customers. DVR content will be integrated directly into Sling TV’s “My TV” screen, and space will be managed automatically; oldest watched programs will be deleted to make room for new recordings.

Request an invite and start testing next month

If you don’t have Sling TV, you can sign up today and get a free Roku stick (a $50 value), so long as you pay for 3 months up front. The basic “Sling Orange” plan offerings 30+ channels for $20, while the “Orange + Blue” plan is $40 for all channels offered by the service.

It’s unclear if the Cloud DVR feature will cost subscribers extra when it officially launches.