AT&T announced its Unlimited Choice data plan can now be coupled with DirecTV Now for only $70.

Unlimited Choice is AT&T’s low-tier unlimited data that costs $60 per month. The plan is a cheap unlimited data plan but has the catch-22 detail of capping out data speeds at 3mpbs. DirectTV Now’s “Live a Little” package retails for $35, but customers who couple the Unlimited Choice and DirecTV Now subscription will receive a $25 credit bringing down the total price to $70. That’s a pretty sweet deal in case you’ve been looking to cut the cord.

In case customers don’t want DirecTV Now, they can use the $25 credit and apply to DirecTV or U-Verse TV services. Those tend to be pricier cable options.

The deal was previously available to Unlimited Plus customers, but AT&T is spreading the wealth to more customers. That alternative plan came in at a pricer $100, but it also includes a free HBO subscription. DirecTV Now’s $35 “Live a Little” plan offers access to channels like AMC, ABC, TNT, TBS, Food Network, HGTV, MTV and Cartoon Network.