Last year was not a good year for Samsung. Its Note 7 battery issues. Now, it wants to apologize with a new wave of TV ads that highlight its recommitment to quality control.

Samsung debuted two new 30-second ads during the Oscars that give audiences a look at how the company tests phones and to what degree it goes to make sure future phones don’t explode. The ads in particular highlight the level of importance that is being put into the checking and rechecking of the batteries to come in Samsung phones.

“Innovation is our legacy, quality is our priority,” is the tag line of the videos. That pretty much encapsulates the message Samsung is trying to push across. Among the tests shown were drop tests, water tests and bend tests.

Samsung aims to change perception

Samsung’s brand took a big hit with the Note 7 disaster and these new ads are a continuation of the company trying to make amends. This is a big sticking point for Samsung as it preps for the launch of the Galaxy S8 next month. It will sell tons of phones, but will customers continue to trust the Korean juggernaut? These new ads are a step toward regaining back that trust.