The Starbucks app already lets you lets pay for coffee with your smartphone, but a new update will make it possible to skip the line entirely by ordering ahead of time. The company announced a new pre-order feature this week, though for now it’s limited to Portland, OR with a full rollout scheduled for 2015.

The new service seems pretty simple, though you’ll have to give Starbucks access to your GPS before it can work. Once you do that, you can then hit the Order option to pick out drinks and food, and select a nearby store from a list of participating locations along with approximate wait times. Once you confirm your order, it will be paid automatically through your Starbucks account, at which point you can head to the store to pick up your coffee.

It’s unfortunate the feature is so limited at launch in terms of availability, though you can try it today if you’re in Portland. Starbucks previously said it’s also working on adding the ability to order delivery through its app, though for now you’ll still have to head to a physical store to get your caffeine fix.