The new music streaming service from Google is here. Following months of speculation, the company confirmed that Google Play Music will no longer be its flagship for serving up tunes on any device. YouTube Music will launch later this month, and eventually it’ll become the sole product offered by Google.

YouTube Music is about both music and videos. The video streaming service’s name and specialty are leveraged for YouTube Music.

Aside from just allowing users to find and listen to music, Google would like for users to see content from their favorite artists. YouTube Music includes official songs, albums, and playlists in addition to remixes, live performances, covers, and music videos. The diverse content is what might give YouTube Music an edge over the competition.

Google won’t have to introduce another app. Instead, the new YouTube Music will take the place of the old YouTube Music. The current app will be torn down and rebuilt. Between a fresh user interface and new features, you won’t know it’s the same app despite sharing the name.

When the company launched YouTube Red more than three years ago, YouTube Music was born. But the service never gained traction as Google operated a Play-branded service at the same time. The YouTube brand, however, is recognizable around the world. So now Google is making a serious, well-thought-out push in the music streaming space.

YouTube Red will be repackaged, too. Along with changing its name to YouTube Premium, the price will go up to $12 per month. It includes ad-free video streaming as well as YouTube Music.

Don’t expect Google Play Music to be abandoned immediately. The other service owned and operated by Google will continue operating into the foreseeable future. Music that you purchased or uploaded, in addition to playlists created, are remaining in place.

YouTube Music will, at some point, become the only music streaming service offered by Google. Who knows when, but eventually Google Play Music will be killed off. All resources are being put toward YouTube Music already.