Samsung has returned to its tried and true formula of pointing out all of Apple’s flaws that helped it first establish itself as a smartphone powerhouse. It started with “The Next Big Thing” campaign and it’s continuing with its new “Ingenius” ads that poke fun at Apple for its perceived shortcomings.

It just released three new ads focusing on the dongle, fast charger, and camera. The ads satirically use an Apple Genius that is explaining to customers the limitations of the iPhone.

The first ad highlights the need for a dongle if iPhone customers still want to continue using headphones with the 3.5mm jack. The second ad sees a customer question the Apple Genius why Apple doesn’t include the fast charger when Samsung does with the new Galaxy S9. And the last ad goes for the iPhone X camera using DxOMark’s ratings of cameras as the Galaxy S9 Plus earned a high rating (99) than the iPhone X (97).


Truth be told, the ads are pretty funny and entertaining. They do have validity to them as Apple can wait a long time to add features like wireless charging and such, though if you look any closer, the arguments can be unsupported.

The exclusion of the headphone jack has paved the way for the AirPods, which have been widely praised by critics and customers. The validity DxOMark ratings have been called into question. That’s not even considering the Galaxy S9 Plus isn’t the highest rated camera DxOMark has tested or second or even the third—that would be the Huawei P20 Pro, HTC U12 Plus and Huawei P20.

Samsung has found a great amount of success in these ads mostly focusing on bashing Apple rather than highlighting its own product’s features so it is continuing steadfastly with them.