Microsoft engineer Boyd Multerer has announced that he has left the company in pursuit of “something new” after 17 years of incredible achievements under the Xbox umbrella. He is best known for developing the online component that would eventually become Xbox Live, but his reach extends into other Xbox areas as well, such as indie gaming and the design of the Xbox One.

He made the announcement through his Twitter account with no hints at where he would be heading next.

Multerer first joined Microsoft in 1997, and was put to work on “Xbox Online,” as it was called at the time, in 2000. Many years later, he also found another foothold in Microsoft through the XNA Game Studio and XNA framework, which allowed indie studios to publish their games easily on the Xbox 360.

Most recently, he was acting as Director of Development for Xbox, having oversight over technical aspects of the Xbox One console. His departure follows many other high profile employees from the early days of the Xbox. We can’t wait to see where he ends up next.