Twitter is planning to join in on the fight against YouTube. The social networking platform said back in November that it had plans to offer its own native video service sometime in 2015, and a fresh FAQ page has revealed all the juicy details.

According to Twitter, the new wing will support videos up to ten minutes long, with formats including mp4 and mov encoded in a specific way. Videos can’t be edited with Twitter’s Video Publisher, and no advertising is supported “at this time.” Twitter says that anything that’s been uploaded to YouTube can also be uploaded to Twitter’s platform just so long as it meets the length requirements; there are no size limits, and Twitter is encouraging users to upload the highest possible quality video.

Although no advertising will be in videos, Twitter will allow analytics to be tracked, including promoted and organic traffic. The social network’s FAQ page says Twitter Video Cards will be supported directly on Twitter’s site, Twitter for iOS and Twitter for Android.

Right now is only available to verified users, so it seems testing is most definitely happening behind the scenes. When the service will launch is unclear, though Twitter did apparently say it’ll happen in the early part of 2015. One it does launch, the new video option will no doubt be a major boon for brands hoping to share promotional videos about products and the like.

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