Instagram on Wednesday announced a new account that will serve as an all-encompassing home for music coverage. Instagram users can now follow the @music account for photos and clips from musicians and folks who live and breathe music around the world. It reminds us of similar verticals inside of Snapchat.

Instagram said the @music account will be home to content provided by artists such as Tricot and Questlove, but also from folks close to the industry such as “music photographers, album illustrators, instrument makers and, of course, fans.” Fans will be able to participate in the thread with a dedicated monthly hashtag, Instagram explained in a blog post on Wednesday.

The account currently has two photos, including one snapped by Questlove and published earlier on Wednesday, and a music-themed clay model of the Instagram logo. The company didn’t say if this is the first of many verticals, but we hope it continues to create communities based around common interests.